The beauty of Fitness. My Journey to a healthier body and mind.

Inspired by Evelyn Namara a friend of mine whose life literally revolves around fitness, I decided
to challenge myself into doing a couple of exercises. I had followed Evelyn’s
posts online, especially her routine running and had wondered if I could dare do
just 10% of what she did and remain focused and dedicated to it like she did.
Well, for me, It was not for any specific reason that I thought of ‘getting
fit’, because I was neither over weight nor obese (Those are some of the
reasons that inspire many to exercise). But I just wanted to cut some little
weight and try to make my muscles firm. For those who have tried this fitness
journey, you will agree with me that it takes lots of dedication and discipline
to follow a routine and stick to it.  Often times, people complain about
being unfit but only few take it upon themselves to exercise and eat healthy. 

During a Yoga Session in the comfort of home/ photo by Jordana Atim
I needed to start with
simple manageable workouts and graduate into more intense ones like those done
by Jilian Michaels. (Please don’t ask me if I ever worked out using her DVDs. I am
still trying). Anyway, I got myself a yoga DVD for body toning and fitness and a
yoga mat. Soon, I was doing sun salutations, half-moon balances, tree balances
and planks. It helped me relax a lot especially after spending a whole day seated at work infront of a computer. 
However, Like many others, I expected
the results almost immediately. I wondered why I wasn’t getting that waistline
and why my biceps remained flabby and soft. But that didn’t bother me so much
because of the good feeling that I got after every yoga session. The stretching, mini- muscle pains, the breath controls and the sweating was so amazing that I
got addicted to it. 
Finally able to lift myself off the ground after several sessions of Yoga/ Photo by Jordana Atim
This good yoga
session that left me feeling refreshed raised my curiosity to research about the other benefits of
fitness besides the general one of keeping ‘Healthy’. Swimming was highly
recommended because it made one engage almost every body muscle. My dilemma
was…. I didn’t know how to swim. What
was I supposed to do? I had to challenge myself to learn. But then who would have
the patience to teach an adult like me, who not only had phobia for water but
asked too many questions. In my quest to find a good swimming teacher, I moved
around Nairobi especially the health clubs and found one “Public Service Club”.
I didn’t know that it would be my swimming home for a couple of months. While
there, I requested to meet the swimming instructor (These are clubs that
require membership and I had non, neither did I have plans of joining because their membership fee is quite high). Thank God that for swimming, it’s a
different arrangement. You had to pay for the service prior to the swim. I opted for that.
Trying out my Yoga at Kalangala Island on Lake Victoria  June 2014
I then had a conversation
with Mr. Robert the instructor and after a lengthy chat on swimming, he
mentioned that he trains young children and has been at it for the last 15
years. I smiled deep down, because I was sure that a person who had the
patience to train little children would have the patience to train me. I was
not wrong. He told me that I would be able to swim after 10 lessons. And
indeed, I managed to, although I needed to still get rid of my occasional deep-end fears. I was so thankful because he had succeeded where many instructors
had failed. He was polite, extremely patient and always answered my questions
with a smile. I cannot emphasize enough how calm and experienced he was,
because not once, did he get into the swimming pool to demonstrate. He simply
sat on a plastic chair at the edge of the pool and told me what to do. I could not believe that I could learn that way but I did. It still shocks me!!
After a successful Hike of Ngong Hills in Dec 2014/ Photo by Edward Echwalu

I later on started doing
morning jogs for about an hour, Zumba, skipping a rope and walking (All in the living room not a gym). These were
complimented by change in my eating habits like having a decent breakfast, eating
all sorts of fruits and vegetables, eating within a period of 8 hours from
the  time I have breakfast, drinking a
minimum of 3 litres of water daily (I litre very early morning before any
meal)  and not having dinner past 7:00pm.
I honestly do not remember when I last fell sick after adopting this way of
living.  My latest addiction is hiking. Towards
the end of 2014, I had been invited by a friend Edward Echwalu to join a team in Kenya that was climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. So I trained for this adventure, but because
of un avoidable circumstances, it was cancelled by the organisers as the days
approached. It was sad and I did not want to waste all the time and energies I
had invested into training. So I requested Edward to join me in hiking the
Ngong Hills in Nairobi which he gladly did. I guess because he too was psyched for Mt. Kilimanjaro and still had his energies to try out a less tedious challenge-Ngong Hills.
Down Hill on Ngong Hills/Photo by Edward Echwalu
My next adventure (This year) is to
climb three East African Mountains; Rwenzori, Kenya and Kilimanjaro and
also go hiking anywhere else when the opportunity presents itself. Thanks Evelyn for those
posts of your trainings.They inspired me to take fitness seriously. I am enjoying the journey and learning new things along the way. It’s fun and worth every sweat.
Pointing at how far I had come on Ngong Hill/ Photo by Edward Echwalu

Are you planning for any adventure? Like hiking, Mountain climbing, Bungee Jumping, Sky diving, road trips, game drives, marathons especially around East Africa?  Please inform me. I would like to join in.