Contracted to Tweet and Blog at the 3rd Regional EastAfrica Internet Governace Forum (EAIGF) in Kampala.

The EAIGF twitter page
Globally, technological development has taken the place of face-to-face interaction; with an increasing range of devices for communicating and disseminating information. It is evident that the world is changing rapidly and African Media is catching up with the technological revolution.

At the third East African Internet Governace forum which is being held in Kampala Uganda with a theme:”Strengthening East Africa’s Critical Internet resources: Thinking Globally, Acting Locally”, Twitter an interactive micro blogging platform based on open publication of 140 character messages is one of the most powerful social media tools being used to share information and Network about the event.

A citizen Journalist and a professional Journalist working together.

Together with Ms. Esther Nakazzi a Journalist with the EastAfrican Newspaper, we were contracted as official resource persons in-charge of communication during the 3rd EAIGF. We were tasked with tweeting and blogging during the three days event. I must say that it is very interesting working with a professional Journalist. It is my very first time as a citizen Journalist to be contracted to tweet and blog at a regional workshop. I have always tweeted at workshops, conferences as well as meetings but that was mainly on voluntary basis. These include among others the digital citizen Indaba and Highway Africa 2009 conference in South Africa, the CTA2009Annual Seminar, art and science the international festival TREFFPUNKT AFRIKA among others.

Who inspired me?

Like the saying goes, “Credit must be given where and when it is due”. I first heard about social media and specifically twitter, blogs, facebook, youtube and skype when I Joined Women of Uganda Network as an information Officer in 2008 and was tasked to head the citizen Journalism in Africa Project (CJA) which was funded by Hivos and SANGONeT in SouthAfrica.  Citizen Journalism is a form of citizen media – where individuals write and or comment on issues they feel are left out of the mainstream media using social media and web2.0 tools.

A lot of motivation was from  a freelance Zambian Journalist known as Brenda Zulu who I first met during the 2009 highway African conference and thereafter during the CTA2009 Annual seminar who helped me start up my personal blog .  

The idea of tweeting during major events is a very powerful one since very many people who would otherwise not have received such information are able to follow and contribute.

Please follow the tweets  and the blog at

The Third East African Internet Governance Forum takes place in Uganda

Strengthening East Africa’s critical Internet Resources ”Thinking globally; Acting locally” is the theme for the Third East African Internet governance forum (EAIGF) which is currently taking place at imperial royal in Kampala Uganda. The forum started on 11th August and ends on 13th August.
The forum was opened by Eriya Kategaya, the first Deputy Prime minister and minister of East African Community Affairs in Uganda who represented the prime minister Apollo Nsibambi.
The Opening Session of the 3rd EAIGF in Kampala
Hon. Kategaya emphasized the need to create awareness on Internet Governance issues within the East Africa region and to enact enabling laws for Internet growth and cyber security.
The Ag. Executive Director, Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) Mr. Patrick Mwesigwa said that the Internet is a critical resource whose governance is mandatory. He added that The Commission has been involved in the Internet Governance process since the World Summits on Information Society of Geneva in 2003 and that of Tunis in 2005, which resulted in the creation of the Internet Governance Forum. It is gratifying to note that the Uganda National Internet Governance Forum has continued to play an active role throughout the entire process. Mr. Chengetai Masango, from UN Internet Governance secretariat said there is need to look at lowering of Internet prices in East Africa after the landing of cables at the Mombasa cost.
The East African Internet Governace forum is an annual conference within Eastern Africa that takes place to mainly discuss issues that have come up at National level form all the the East Africa Community (EAC) countries Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda which have IGF chapters
Min. of EA Affairs Mr. Kategaya
Critical issues discussed included discussed IPV6 migration, de-regulation of ccTLD, cyber security, rootservers and exchange points among others.
Alice Muyua from Kenya who is also the East African Internet Governace Forum convener mentioned that Kenya would host the next global IGF in September 2011 if the UN Assembly gives the mandate.