Having been the very first of its kind; The ARDYIS Youth essay Contest focused on Youth, ICT in Agriculture and Rural Development aimed at identifying innovative solutions to challenges faced by youth in agriculture and rural areas using Information and Communication Technologies.
The essay contest which was open to young people, aged 18 – 25 years old, from urban or rural areas of Africa, Caribbean and the Pacific countries attracted 184 youth applications and only 12 finalists from the six regions were shortlisted. I was among the Young women/professionals who applied and I answered the question on “How young people are using ICTs innovetatively in Agriculture” with a case of a young fruit grower Mr. Gilbert Egwel from Northern Uganda in Apac district.

On 13th October 2010, 12 Finalists with two from each of the six regions of the African, Caribean and Pacific regions (ACP) were announced. After the evaluation of oral presentations of the selected essay took place in South Africa on 22 and 23 November 2010, as part of the CTA/NPCA Week events organized by CTA and the NPCA (NEPAD Planning and Coordinating Agency) from 22 to 26 November 2010. The 6 winners of the contest were to be announced on 24 November 2010. One winner per ACP region, and an overall winner. However, 7 winners emerged with 2 coming from East Africa as opposed to one. And the winners were:

West Africa:
– Itodo Samuel Anthony (Nigeria)
Central Africa :
– Gabriel Dacko Goudjo (Cameroon)
East Africa
– Maureen Agena (Uganda)
– Chris Ngige Mwangi (Kenya)
Southern Africa
– Gerald Musakaruka Mangena (Zimbabwe)
– Tyrone Christopher Hall (Jamaica)
– Riten Gosai Chand (Fiji)
With Caribbean regional winner Tyrone Christopher Hall from Jamaica emerging as the overall Eassy Contest winners.

To all the winners and finalists, WELL DONE and WELL WON and to The centre for Agriculture and Technical rural development(CTA) thanks for looking at the youth as potential players in bridging the Agricultural divide through the use and application of ICTs.

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations Maureen! Am proud of you! Sam Kanja.

  • Thanks Sam. Also for being a good boss while in High school. Remember you were the education Minister and I was your Assistant…Lol

  • Ammmm ok: yeah am so proud of you Maureen, such an inspiration backed by a brave heart to take on development challenges.
    I truly believe in the power of ICT to drive all sectors of business and life and for Agriculture we all know how it supports the entire community!

    Cheers to the perfect shot Maureen:
    Always, Charles

  • I am humbled Charles. Thank you so much too for being a very supportive friend.

  • winnie nguku

    congratulations you all. Chris, thats a good job done. Thumbs Up! we are so proud of you, brave kenyan!!!

  • Anonymous

    We at KIRUCODO ( we Congratulate you Maureen for such a great award

  • Thanks @Winnie. We are all proud of Chris. And @KIRUCODO thank you so much. I appreciate.

  • Maureen,

    Congratulations and keep the fire burning, this is just the begining for you and if you stay on the right path "Focus" you are destined for greater heights…

    You go girl, you rock, you fly …..

  • Thank you so much Richard,I feel so inspired. Much more than ever. I rock? Wow!! Thanks

  • Congratulations on your recent accomplishment.
    Do not tire to make positive contributions to people's lives for it is not the reward that matters most but the unknown inspired person who sees light in your works.Your journey has just begun…

  • Thank you Raymond. I will do my best to inspire others as you as you have mentioned. Thanks for the comment too. I appreciate.