Samsung solar powered Mobile Health Centre(s) in Africa

2013 theme: “Journey of Wonders”

I was privileged to attend the 4th
Samsung Africa Forum that took place in Cape Town from 12th -17th
March 2013. It was indeed a “journey of Wonders” that truly reflected this
year’s theme.  A few years ago, not so
much was known about Samsung products, but today, they have become a household
name as seen from many of their products like the Galaxy phones, Televisions,
Fridges, cameras and washing machines among others. With a total of over 200
Journalists and bloggers from all over the African continent in attendance, the
forum recognized the role played by media in reaching out to their clientele
and informing the public about their products and services.  According to Mr. KK Park the CEO of Samsung
Electronics Africa, “Samsung’s Key
concern has been, and will continue to be, how to develop the technology to
resolve all the difficulties that African People can face”
He adds that
Samsung’s presence in Africa is about bringing Samsung’s Smart world to the
continent, creating a smarter eco-system for Africa with a purpose to
contribute to the society because business exists to make a contribution to
human society and if the contribution is recognized, the business grows and so
do the profits, revenue and brand reputation.
the Face of Africa’s remote Areas with Mobile Health Centres
The Mobile Health Centre Truck
When someone reads “Mobile Health”, the first
thought is a mobile phone being used to share information about health in
Africa like it has always been the norm. Samsung has a different approach to
Mobile health. It has set itself a goal to reach one million people by 2015 through
a solar powered mobile health Centre on the back of a track fitted with medical
supplies and qualified medical staff.
As part of its broader cooperate social
responsibility goal, it aims at positively impacting the lives of five million
people in Africa by 2015.  According to the World Bank , more than 60% of people in sub- saharan Africa live in rural
and people often lack time and resources to reach clinics, particularly if they
are sick.
The centre, essentially a solar powered shipping
container, contains equipment that allows for a range of medical services to be
performed and these include dental services, screening, radiology and ophthalmology.
 Some of the medical partners in this
project include World Vision, Doctors without boarders ,South African
Department of health and Aspen Phamaceuticals.  
Technology can transform Lives in Africa
It is evident that across Africa, the populace faces
many challenges such as poor health facilities, poor social infrastructure,
energy shortage especially electricity and limited access to education
facilities yet Africa has been blessed with plenty of natural resources such as
sunshine.  Samsung’s innovation of the solar
powered mobile health centre is of great relevance to a continent where
millions of people are not yet online and the investment in such innovative
technology from such business companies needs to be embraced and replicated
allover the continent. Because of the many challenges in  Africa, it seems to be a fantacy rather than
a reality  to promote a larger use
of  mobile health centres like these, but
Samsung is definitely changing this. For so long, Africa has lacked the
imagination to learn the many ways technology can transform lives and not just
transform bank balances of the few companies that control the Technology.  Samsung Africa is determined to transform the
lives of many as a way of giving back to the community that supports them.

Note: These mobile Health Centres are in South Africa

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  • Yes, Maureen – I work for VisionSpring – an international social enterprise – please email let me know if there is a contact there to connect with.


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  • An extensive center will be set on screening individuals to secure conditions, for example, diabetes, high blood pressure, tooth decay and cataracts. The focuses will likewise concentrate on instructing groups about well-being issues and swaying individuals to take tests as deterrent measure.medical items will be given by Samsung's accomplices on this task, including the Department of Health and pharmaceutical companies. Different accomplices will incorporate medical universities, and organizations that are included in social insurance like World Vision, and Doctors without Borders.

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  • It has set itself a goal to reach one million people by 2015 through a solar powered mobile health Centre on the back of a track fitted with medical supplies and qualified medical staff. Healthy living blog

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