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Life is Sexually Transmitted

  “We are all products of sex and we should not feel ashamed talking or reporting about it”. These were the opening words of Lisa (Not real Name). She was speaking to Journalists and Communication officers at a training on reporting health at Voice of America (VOA) offices during the AIDS2012 conference in Washington DC, which […]

A Kiss from a Giraffe

Growing up, I was privileged to live in a couple of National Parks in Uganda. This was so, because my dad was a Sr. member of staff at Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA). This meant that for every work transfer, we moved along with him as a family.  We lived in some of the best National […]

My experience as a trainer in Sudan

Web 2.0 & social media training, an initiative by CTA in ACP countries, provides practical training for practitioners of information and communications for development and other agricultural stakeholders on how to use Web 2.0 technologies in their work and lives. And the learning process is made enjoyable and memorable through the use of practical sessions, a process […]

To Read and Learn

Poetry had for so long eluded me, it never made sense to me, and so had art and Jazz. I just didn’t understand any of them and didn’t pay so much attention either, until recently when I started reading books. I had for so long, never appreciated written literature until someone very close to me, […]

The Fake Facebook Comments

A story is told of a young man. Let’s call him Otim. Otim was to travel to the US for the very fast time and, out of excitement, updated his Facebook status. Sure, many of us do the same, only that our Otim here updated his status two weeks ahead of his trip. The comments […]

Email Etiquette: Some of the basics that you need to know

The technological advancement today has made email part and parcel of many people’s lives as they have almost replaced the traditional letters. We need email addresses to join social networking sites, to either keep in touch with family/friends or to simply go about with our professional work. Therefore, there is no doubt that whoever is […]

Why consider Women in Agriculture Education?

I was recently in Maputo, Mozambique attending the 4th Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) biennial conference. RUFORUM is a consortium of 42 Universities across Africa and a platform for catalyzing change is African Universities.  I had gone for a consultancy to train young social reporters and journalism students in Mozambique who […]

Barriers to mHealth adoption in Sub-Saharan Africa

In Uganda, and Africa at large, the populace face many challenges with regard to health including but not limited to; poor facilities, poor social infrastructure, energy shortage especially electricity and limited access to education. Despite Government’s effort to improve on the health system, very few individuals, companies and organizations are tapping into the potential of […]

Citizen Journalism: A paradigm shift in reporting on Agriculture

“Reporting on Agriculture is not sexy” has become a new cliché these days. Many young journalists have been made to believe that the area of agriculture lacks the right stories that can draw attention and increase readership, viewership or listenership to their journalistic work. Unless, of course, these are stories about agricultural related disasters like […]