Putting a price on Water will make us aware of its scarcity and make us take better care of it” Agnel Gurria, Secretray –general of the OECD,quoted in The Guardian.’Experts call for hike in global water prices’. April 27th,2010.’”
Water is being referred to as a new oil, says Edith Van Walsum the Director ileai.  The UN declared that access to water and sanitation is a fundamental human right but millions around the world still lack even the most basic access.
With over 88% of Uganda’s population of 32 million being rural based and depending almost entirely on agriculture at various levels of livelihoods. It is widely held that access to clean water for both domestic and agricultural purposes by rural communities can not only increase agricultural productivity; it can also result into improved health which in turn would enhance economic and social development.
Millions of people in Uganda do not have access to clean water for both domestic and agricultural purposes and due to the high costs of conventional piped water, Rain water harvesting, a low cost technique is a valuable alternative to overcome the growing water shortage. People collect and store rain water in buckets, tanks and ponds which they use for multiple purposes ranging from irrigating crops, washing, cooking, bathing and drinking. This collected rain water can supplement other water sources when they become scarce or are of low quality.  
The Technical Center for Agriculture and Rural Cooperations ACP EU(CTA) through her CTA2010annual seminar has dedicated this year’s theme is ‘Closing the Knowledge Gap: Integrated Water Management for Sustainable Agriculture’ to make the world aware of the importance of water  also, this year’s BlogActionDay them is WATER  and all bloggers world over are invited to have their say.
  • Hi,I appreciate your writing.Despite the fact that food security has been fundamentally expanded in the previous thirty years, water withdrawals for watering system speak to 66 % of the aggregate withdrawals and up to 90 % in dry districts,the other 34 % being utilized by domestic households (10 %),industry (20 %), or dissipated from repositories(4 %).(source: Shiklomanov, 1999)As the for every capita use builds because of progressions in lifestyle and as populace expands also,the extent of water for human utilization is expanding.This, coupled with spatial and worldly varieties in water accessibility,implies that the water to create food for human utilization,industrial processes and the various uses is getting to be rare.Thank you.
    ~Sarah Bailey.

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